Using Reddit To Better Yourself: 17 Extraordinary Subreddits

Using Reddit To Better Yourself: 17 Extraordinary Subreddits

If you haven’t heard of Reddit you have been living under a rock. Here’s 17 thought provoking subreddits to help expand your mind.

For the unaware is one of the most popular places on the web.

Basically how it works is you up-vote or down-vote posts, articles or videos submitted either through link or text.

Most subreddits are heavily moderated which makes Reddit a great place for quality content. 

All these posts are categorized into tens of thousands of active of ‘subreddits’. Subreddits are basically niches.

Reddit gets over 400 million visitors each year. 

You may have the impression that Reddit is all fun and games. However, deep within the thousands of subreddits lie millions of mind expanding posts and open minded, ambitious users.

The possibility for self-improvement is endless.

So today I have narrowed down the top 17 extraordinary subreddits you can use to expand your mind and help you grow as a person.


Using Reddit The Right Way



As I said before Reddit has a lot of great content for procrastination. Don’t get me wrong, all that stuff is great–but you’re here to improve.

If you’re unaware, you can subscribe to specific subreddits and so this will create your own personal preference of what your Reddit experience will encompass.

Reddit automatically subscribes you to some popular subreddits when you sign up, which can fill your feed with unwanted content.

So without further ado, here’s 17 of the most thought to provoke, mind-expanding and useful subreddits.

Check out the list below and decide for yourself which subreddits light your eyes up.




/r/get motivated will inspire you. The motivation you get is not all quotes as you may presume. This subreddit has some really quality content. Ranging from blogs to videos, out of all motivating subreddits, this one takes the spot as a winner.

If you’re ever in need of a pick me up to keep you on track, this is the place to be. 




/r/life pro tips is a subreddit which revolves around tips that can improve your life. Whether it is the day-to-day mundane, business or fitness. First of all what’s different about this subreddit compared to all the other subreddits is that the tips are applicable to your daily life. 

What’s noteworthy about r/life pro tips is that their mission revolves around making each other lives just a little bit easier. Who doesn’t want that? 





/r/philosophy is an interesting subreddit. Questions about philosophy, the history of philosophy and philosophical narratives for modern man is what you can expect here. Philosophy is one of the fundamental disciplines which gives birth to some important universal questions. Everyone seeking to improve themselves, anyone who has some type of ambition can benefit greatly from subreddits like this.

Expand your mind and get into the deep side of life.





/r/self-improvement encompasses almost every aspect of personal development. Despite many of the topics are covered in the others subreddits I have listed. I have chosen to include this one. Why? Because every subreddit has a different vibe and community, this one is also quite unique and also active, which makes it a great option.

You can learn a lot from this holistic and inspiring subreddit.





/r/entrepreneur is perfect for all you ambitious folks out there. If one day you want to run your own business, or you currently have one and want to be financially free then this subreddit is for you. Learn how to take risks, be successful and enjoy the benefits that will manifest from the grind and hustle of hard work. Here you’ll find an incredibly informative, professional and interesting group of people all keen to grow their businesses.

The entrepreneurial route is not for everyone but for those interested r/entrepreneur is ideal. 





/r/food for thought is a subreddit which is for my intellectual readers. Compared to other subreddits food for thought dives deep into thought provoking content. Controversial, informative, these are some of the best ways to describe the large essays you’ll encounter here.

If you’re an avid reader then this subreddit is probably for you.





/r/frugal is a subreddit most people need in their lives. We live in the age of consumerism, ew buy shit all the time, most of the time it’s the stuff we honestly could go without. Frugal is all about saving money, making use of small amounts of money and just saving more of your hard-earned wages.

Tips, strategies, and anecdotes about spending money will surely help you save up for that next vacation.





/r/fitness is the best place on Reddit to find everything you need to know about fitness. Whether it be fat loss, strength, muscle gain, anything to do with getting the fit you can find here. They have great content for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness enthusiasts. Exercise is something most people do little of. If you don’t exercise you are missing out on an integral part of life.

Out of all subreddits, fitness has a great reputation and is active/moderated every day. 





/r/minimalism is a subreddit that sees our world, our lives, as optimal the more simple they can be. Minimalism is about cutting out unnecessary baggage. It can be seen as a philosophy and way of living, not just for the aesthetic appeal, but for the importance of doing only what is needed. This allows you to appreciate what truly matters.

Sometimes less is more.





/r/lucid dreaming is all about controlling your dreams. You are conscious of your surroundings and can control what happens in the dream, this is what lucid dreaming is. This subreddit is perfect for newcomers because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to control their dreams and who on earth knows how to actually do that? There’s a great community here where you can expand your mind not only when you’re awake but also while you’re asleep.

You’re asleep for nearly half your life.





/r/disciplined will help you understand the difference between motivation and action. It’s great to be motivated, however in the real world that doesn’t mean shit. The action is what actually produces the results you want. What is great about this subreddit is that it’s very practical.

If you’re motivated, great, but to cultivate that motivation into something is what matters most. 




Library books

When was the last time you completely finished reading a book from front to back? A full book, a novel, whatever it may be; any substantial piece of literature. Because if you love books or just want to read more, then this subreddit is for you. You’ll find book reviews, recommendations and everything you could ever need on books.

With an enormous community of over 10 million, this subreddit is a great tool for bettering yourself.





/r/procrastination is the worst enemy of the ambitious individual. Everyone can benefit from learning how to procrastinate less as this habit can really set you back. This subreddit is a great tool to hack your own mind.

Minimize procrastination and maximize your level of productivity in the gym, business or any other endeavor.





/r/psychology is about better understanding how our complex minds work. What’s great about this subreddit is that peer-reviewed research is a must. You’ll discover how your mind works and how you can maximize your potential.

Stay up to date with the latest psychology news.





/r/meditation is very niche. This community is passionate about improving their minds and bodies through the ancient practice of meditation. In this subreddit, you will find every tool you need to get started and see what it takes to practice meditation regularly.

Make sure to check this subreddit out!





/r/zen habits is a result of various bloggers sharing content considered ‘zen’. Zen doesn’t necessarily mean spiritual and although it does have this element to it, ‘zen’ seems to apply more holistic methods of improving your life.

What you’ll find here is motivating content, career and business advice, health and general self-improvement. 





/r/deciding tobe better is what it sounds like. Their motto is “A force for self-improvement, goodness, and togetherness that helps humanity to eliminate evil”. This subreddit is about making the decision to stand out, be brave, take risks and follow your path you’ve chosen for yourself.

Here you will learn what it takes to take action. 


Reddit Is Awesome



If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard of Reddit before and you know how awesome it is. In saying that I hope this list lets you make some new discoveries and find some beloved subscriptions.

In conclusion I hope sharing these subreddits with you will help you level up in life.

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