Sugar Is The New Cocaine: 7 Reasons To Avoid It

Sugar Is The New Cocaine: 7 Reasons To Avoid It

To compare sugar and cocaine seems far fetched. However, science shows us both are awful for your health. Here are 7 reasons to avoid it altogether.

Sugar has become the new evil of the nutritional world.

This is nothing new, however, this knowledge is only recently being pushed mainstream. More people are cultivating a sense of urgency in avoiding sugar consumption.

Firstly I’m going to start with a disclaimer. Sugar exists naturally in many foods, such as fruit and vegetables and I want you to understand these are perfectly healthy and shouldn’t be avoided.

What you want to avoid is processed and refined foods where sugar doesn’t naturally occur. I’m sure you already knew this, but I just want to make sure that people don’t avoid sugar altogether because of my comparison to cocaine. 


Increased Happiness


There is an extremely strong correlation between higher intakes of sugar, anxiety, and depression. This is where the comparison to cocaine comes in, they work on the same parts of the brain.

When you eat sugar your dopamine skyrockets, likewise with cocaine, obviously to a lesser extent, but the sugar, just like the cocaine gives you a temporary ‘high’. Over the long term, your body becomes less able to naturally release the endorphins and this happiness is harder to achieve.

This can lead to addiction and dependency on a substance which is correlated to depression and anxiety. The more sugar you eat the more unhappy you will become, this is indisputable.

Some will claim that our lives may very well revolve around achieving happiness. Thus if sugar is something that diverts us from this goal, it is best to reduce it as much as possible.

Increased Memory & Attention


A UCLA study has proven that sugar actually affects our cognitive performance. The more sugar you eat the more your mental performance suffers. You can expect a noticeable improvement in your ability to focus on tasks as you reduce your consumption of sugar.

Stress is also increased and when your cortisol levels are through the roof most tasks which require some level of a cognitive drain will become hard to maintain.

To combat these deficiencies obviously a reduction in sugar should be the first measure. Meditation is proven to help alleviate these symptoms too.


Stronger Immunity


Inflammation is a direct result of too much sugar. Inflammation is known to compromise our immunity. The more sugar you regularly consume, the more difficult it is for your body to fight off external influences which will degrade your body and mind.

Sugar will also increase your blood pressure when your blood pressure increases your immune system may also be compromised.

The negatives effects in your body work like a chain reaction. One issue results in another.


Less Dependency


By decreasing your dependency on sugar you will strengthen your overall health. Breaking any type of dependency helps all areas of life. If have the self-control to slow down and avoid dependency on sugar, your overall self-control will be more in your control.

To really slow down this dependency pays attention to the food your eating and be mindful. Think about how will this food benefit the future you. Rather than just eating what feels good now, be mindful of your future self.

If you’re trying to get a lot of studies done, or you have an upcoming training session, think about how a banana would help you vs how a milkshake would degrade you.



Increased Energy


The energy of the mind is the essence of life, according to Aristotle. Coffee is usually the go to energy fix. It works, but the point is that you are adding something to give you energy, however taking away is a method forgotten. 

“Your body burns through sugars and highly processed carbohydrates, like white bread, white rice, or prepared bakery goods, more rapidly than protein and the carbohydrates in whole grains.” According to a Harvard study.

Yes, sugar will give you energy, albeit a lot of energy. However, this energy is short lived. Eating low-glycemic foods will allow your body to maintain sustainable levels of energy.


Less Sugar Means Better A Sleep


Because of the anxiety sugar creates, your sleep is going to be disturbed. Your body needs stable blood sugar levels during the night. Your sleep will suffer if you eat these foods at night.

It should be noted, calories at night have nothing to do with additional fat gain or loss, rather the point is that it’s more about how sugar negatively affects how you feel in the morning.

Our bodies preferred source of energy are carbs, to load your body up with sugar tells your brain you are in need of energy. Sleeping is just the opposite, so it is more fitting for your blood to eat fatty foods and protein before sleep.

A perfect example of good snack to have before bed if you need to have something in your stomach is peanut butter and yogurt.


Decreased Risk Of Chronic Diseases



If the latter wasn’t enough to convince you sugar is best avoided, you must understand that it is responsible for your blood pressure and also the onset of diabetes.

I mentioned before that it is going to affect your memory and cognitive ability, over time this will eventually start to provoke the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Don’t get too scared, because you can prevent this starting right now. 


Take Away Message


So many people will recommend going completely sugar-free and while that’s an incredible goal to strive for, it can be rather difficult to do overnight.

The best approach you can have is to simply be conscious of what you’re eating when you’re eating it. Always remind yourself that what you eat now has a trickle effect on your future.



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