A Low Body Fat Is Actually Unhealthy. How Low Is Too Low?

A Low Body Fat Is Actually Unhealthy. How Low Is Too Low?

Getting super ripped looks great, but how good for you are these low body fats?  If you’re a normal dude who wants to get in shape, you’re doing it wrong.

This question is all very subjective to your reasoning behind it. It’s highly dependent on your reasons for doing so. I’ll get to this soon.

First I’d like to take a look at this question from a practical perspective.

Does it even make sense for you to drop your body fat under 8%?


Why You Shouldn’t Do It



A lot of people tend to get involved in the fitness lifestyle to get super lean and cut, you know the ripped, shredded fitness model look that anybody would die for.

Sure, I get it, who doesn’t want that?

Propagated by supplement companies there is a clear agenda sent to fitness enthusiasts. This agenda, driven by money instills false expectations and the idea that the leaner you are, the healthier, fitter you are.

This could not be further from the truth.

Most people who have been working out for a while have tried to get down to a super lean body fat percentage. Anybody who has gotten to this level or at least close to it knows it’s a state that is hard to maintain.

This is not a normal state for your body to be in and it wants out. Your vital organs need a certain amount of fat to work at an optimal level.


Fitness Industry Propaganda



You may be wondering how on earth would fitness models remain at such a low body fat levels and still be muscular strong?

This is because most likely they are sticking needles in their asses. There’s nothing inherently that there’s anything wrong with this. This is the truth, if you don’t believe this then you need a severe reality check. Having super ripped abs and looking like this is just all about vanity and looks. This is also fine and makes sense for fitness models as their bodies are marketing tools.

Their body is what they use to put food on their tables. 

The issue I have with this propaganda is when perfectly healthy people strive for ridiculous levels of body fat to achieve something that serves them no benefit health benefits and of course cannot be maintained.

So Why Did I Drop My Body Fat Under 8%?



If you’re an average joe and just want to look good then you must understand that if you’re at 10, 12, 14 percent body fat and you don’t look ‘good’ then you most definitely do not have a solid base of muscle and therefore you have no business getting to this level of body fat.

After a year and a half of solid lifting, I decided to see how lean I could get.

I managed to achieve around 7.5 percent body fat which is pretty damn lean. I don’t regret it.

Okay now you’re probably confused, so why did I do it?

Getting to a very low body fat is not the healthiest thing in the world, but I see it as a challenge and an investment in your own discipline.

For the curious, I would recommend you to see how lean you can get at least once in their life. Anybody who has done so knows that it is very difficult to achieve, I’m just talking about the naturals here too.

If you’re on juice, it’s still hard, however dropping below 8% body fat naturally is a challenge few can conquer successfully without losing strength and sanity.






If you’re  a normal dude who just wants to get in shape, focus on athletic performance RATHER than a specific body fat number.

By aiming for a number you’re playing a guessing game.

If you reach your top athletic performance, trust me, your body will be in better shape than 99% of people.

Because your performance is something you can sustain so will the body that comes along with it.


Take Away Message


If you focus on a number too low you’re going to have this weird hormone imbalance. Sure you’ll have a more shredded body but trust me you will regret this later.

In saying that if you’re up for the challenge and you just want to do it, go for it.

Remember, you shouldn’t have this goal in mind as a long-term option. You will be chasing your own tail.

This is something you can never achieve without needles in your ass.


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