People Who Meditate Are Happier Human Beings

People Who Meditate Are Happier Human Beings

Today I’m going to be talking about meditation. More specifically I’m going to go into detail on the number one reason why people actually meditate.

You may have seen articles that state 15 benefits of meditation or 5 reasons you should meditate. While most of these reasons are valid, the reason people meditate is simply for happiness.


External Influences


First I’m going to speak about external influences.

In our world today we are engulfed with endless external influences which give us good feelings, feelings that closely mimic happiness. Because I’m a trainer I’m going to use the example of sugar.

People eat sugar because it makes them feel good, it quickly spikes their dopamine levels and gives them a sense of reward, peace, and comfort.

This could be said about anything that makes you feel good, such as cigarettes or watching TV. Because these sugary foods release dopamine you have the reoccurring urge to go back as the experience registers as ‘feel good’ in your head. It’s a simple cycle.

Over time this can lead to disastrous situations such as obesity and addiction. Obviously, nobody wants for themselves.

This is all bad because these sources are temporary, fleeting and hold no grounding.

Meditation is influence’ that can increase your dopamine and make you feel happy from the inside.

Meditation is the ultimate reward system you have had since birth.


Science And Meditation


Studies have shown us that as you meditate more your brain seems to access an area of consciousness which isn’t really accessible in a dull, ‘normal’ state.

The perfect example of these states of mind come with arguments. 

Everyone in life will experience arguments, they’re natural, odd and honestly frustrating situations which are best avoided.

The instinct reaction to any argument is to argue back, I mean that seems justified and normal.

The ‘conscious’ part of your brain that I’m referring to is a part of the mind that is more easily accessible to those to meditate. This access gives you the ability chill out, be calm and not react in spite of stressful situations.

This state of mind not only applies to arguments but to any stressful situation. These adrenal fueled moments in life take our conscious brain on a ride of emotional turmoil. The more you meditate to more you are able to mediate your reactions, remain stoic and grasp your own state of mind, control it and act accordingly to your own will.

Meditation according to this study actually shows us that there’s a remarkable improvement in logic and rational thinking. Everyone can benefit from more logic.

A rational perspective on issues usually solves and avoids confrontation and stress. At least much more than reacting based on emotions.

Meditating helps you understand how your thoughts fit together, sort of like a puzzle. This allows you to put the pieces together quicker to solve a problem.

Changes In The Brain


A study in 2005 has demonstrated something extraordinary. The cortex is the area of the brain responsible for our awareness and this grows in those who meditate.

The shape of your cortex physically grows.

Passion is a quality that is strongly interlinked with happiness, so is being grateful and protruding high vibrating energy. These are qualities that are typically shared by those with a zest for life.

These qualities are increased as your cortex size increases. It isn’t thoroughly understood why this occurs with meditation but the facts are straight. Every study has been consistent in showing that people who regularly meditate are happier people.

We spend so much of our time being busy, being productive, just constantly doing things. The social conditioning is very strong with this aspect of our lives. Consumerism and capitalism fuel our society to function at a fast pace. It is this very rushed nature we experience on a daily basis which has us forget about one of the most important pleasures.

Being, we are always doing, never just being, never just enjoying what is right in front of us, at least not for very long.

The point is that you cannot always change your environment. The views of other people and the extent you can control your external environment is a waste of time and energy. You’ll never be content with how much you can change.

This hunger for power over our environment is pointless.

Meditation will allow your brain to take your external influences and interpret them differently in your own world.

Our world isn’t ‘real’, rather it is real in the eyes of you. You control and manufacture your perspective, for good or bad. To increase your self-awareness gives you real ‘power’.

Beginner’s Guide To Meditation


The Happiness Manifesto


There’s a certain manifesto of happiness that comes with the meditative discipline. 

The beauty of it all is that you always have access to it 24/7, 365.

I’ll repeat this one more time, you ALWAYS have access to it. You now hold the ability to shape your perception of the world and situations you encounter. Think about that for a second.

With time and consistency and time you may very well increase the frequency of interesting and positive experiences in your life.

Remember this:

The most external influences that you rely on for happiness the less happy you’ll be.

The more you use your internal influences or meditation for happiness the happier you’ll be.



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