Exploring The Psychology Of Your Health

Exploring The Psychology Of Your Health

Let’s explore why some people are cautious, attentive and care about their health and others couldn’t care less.

Why is it that in this world we either care or we don’t about our health. What separates these two very different types of mindsets and how can one change from one to the other?

Firstly, let’s define exactly what health is. In a biological sense, it is the level of functional and metabolic efficiency of an organism.

In regards to who we are as human beings, it is prosperity in the physical, mental, and social – not merely the absence of infirmity.


A Healthy Relationship


To start let’s view health as a more subjective word, defined by the relationship dynamic we share with our bodies.

Your level of health is a direct reflection of your personal relationship with your body. The level of respect shown in the relationship is what defines the outcome, externally and internally.

Some people may appear perfectly healthy and maybe their bodies are not showing any signs of degeneration.

This person may have a perfect blood pressure of 125/80 and they are fit, strong, etc. Overall they fit within the bracket of what we define as healthy.

Going back to seeing health as a relationship dynamic, you may now begin to see that you cannot make judgments of health based on appearance. The decisions you make today are responsible for a directional trajectory your health moves towards, it’s not necessarily the state you are in right now.

A bad relationship means that there is no respect. There is no communication and you are not seeing your body as something you value. In many ways, this lack of health could arguably be defined as a lack of self-respect.

Everybody can make changes to move in a direction more favorable.


Strong Awareness


It’s hard to be healthy, it really is.

To do so you must actually focus on being healthy all the time, this takes a certain level of awareness.

This awareness can seem near impossible to cultivate in abundance when your entire life has been centered in the opposite.

You must go to the gym, be careful with your choices for food and live a life centered around being healthy.

The good news is, it’s only hard at first.

This awareness that I speak of is the subconscious voice in your head which thinks analyses the possible results of the decisions you make.

You may very well be out of frequency with this voice.

This voice or awareness tells you that eating an entire tub of ice cream or smoking a cigarette is going to destroy your body in the future. You may know this and already understand this on a factual level, but there is a difference between knowing it and understanding it at that moment.

To resist this urge is also known as self-control and it is this self-control that is triggered by a strong awareness of your present actions.

It’s not only your own mind which is to blame for the lack of calculated decisions, self-control, and urgency in wanting to improve. Sadly it’s also our entire society which seems to push unnecessary propaganda on how effortless health is. This feeds our egos and blinds us from the truth and provides everyone with the comfort that some day when the times right the decision to be healthy won’t be that hard. Of course, this never actually happens.

These lies feed our egos and blind us from the truth, providing us all with comfort in knowing that one day when you’re ready, becoming healthy is doable.

The act or the discipline of actively becoming healthier is not easy, but it becomes easy as you do it more. As this discipline becomes a habit and you see the positive impacts first hand.

You see, humans are creatures which need to see it believe it. You may see people happier as they become healthier and this is for good reason.

But something doesn’t click in the urgency to do so because you haven’t experienced this for yourself.

This is why unfortunately for some people they have to reach the very bottom before they can reach the top.

Some have to experience the absolute miseries in life to understand the need to change.

On a positive note, you don’t necessarily have to completely fail and become obese to actualise improvements in your health. What you must do is do enough to see change.

Once you improve past a certain barrier anything less becomes incomprehensible as a level of health to be content with. Think about it like a video game. If you have reached a certain level, it’s not going to be as fun playing on the previous level.


Subjective Dieting


The first thing I want you to understand is the importance of education.

But the basics are not enough, why? Because you must be learning constantly. 

Start to find an area of health that intrigues you and dive deep in your spare time. The more you know and the more time you invest into something the more you’ll understand the importance of living a healthy life. 

More investment = less resistance to disengage. The more time you spend educating yourself on health the more difficult it becomes to ignore it. 

Experiment. Try different styles of eating. 

  • Paleo
  • Ketogenic
  • Vegetarian
  • Even meal timing, also known as intermittent fasting.

There is no “right way”. 

However, there are basic rules that apply to all of us. These rules are based on the laws of physics, truths that no sane person can dispute. 

You eat fewer calories than you need and thus you lose weight. You consume more calories than you need and you gain weight. Very simple. 

Very simple. 

However, when it comes to how you go about your nutrition, nothing is going to work simply because of how good it is. Instead, certain traits and qualities of different health-based lifestyles will work for different individuals. This is all subjective to your genetics, your circumstances, and general preference.

Later I will cover the basics of intermittent fasting and give you my reasoning for why I think this works well for most people and is a great starting point. 

But at the end of the day never read the material, even from me and treat it like biblical text.

Read, gain knowledge, give yourself the opportunity to create an abundance of information and with this, formulate your own opinions through logic, trial, and error. 

By following this philosophy you will learn a lot, you will you keep yourself accountable and most important you will understand what works best for you.

I call this subjective dieting. 

Why Health?


Let’s take a look at the psychology and reasoning behind being healthy in the first place. That’s pretty important.

Right now ask yourself, why do you want to be healthy? You clearly have some desire if you are following this text.

What was the first subconscious answer that came into your head when you asked yourself that question?

Understand that there is no correct answer. Whether you like to believe it or not, as you progress further into your journey of overall self-improvement, your reasoning may very well change. 

This is irrelevant as long as the reason keeps you pushing in a direction of progression.

Maybe your answer was I want to get healthy to drop fat, or you want to get healthy to prevent disease, maybe you just want to feel and think clearer. These are all great reasons, but you need to go deeper.

Think of who you want to be as a person, who do you want to become and now try and attach your reason for getting healthy to this image you have created in your head.

Let your motivation to become as healthy as you possibly can lead you in a synchronized path with your overall character you wish to embody. 

Health is so important to our cognition, our self-esteem, our confidence, health is our greatest gift. If you have been granted this gift, be grateful.

Don’t just say you’re grateful, show it. Show your appreciation by embodying a healthy lifestyle.

Your Body Is A Temple


Maybe the previous paragraphs confused you. Maybe you can’t find that deep desire and urgency to take care of your body.

Let me put it this way. Your body is a temple, it’s a machine that your awareness is utilizing to experience life.

You care about who you are as a person, right? You want this life to be the best it can possibly be, right?

Your body is a complex machine that needs maintenance. Everything that goes into your body directly attributes to the qualities it expresses. These qualities are only in appearance, but your overall energy, vitality and most importantly a glint in the pupils. 

Every time you are going to ingest something stop. Stop and think deeply about the decision to eat a certain food or consume a substance.

It is this brief second of awareness and thought where you can make a decision to either respect or disrespect the integrity of your body. 

Longevity Is Key


As explained before, your body is a machine, a temple if you will and you must make sure it is looked after.

Your goals and reasoning for your health may be to lose fat or to feel better. What you must do once you have established this discipline is to think long term.

Make sure that your mindset is making healthy decisions, not to feel good right now, but to cultivate a body which is healthy in the long term.

You want to make decisions now that won’t only benefit you in the coming days but are routed in hindsight for your future. Be empathetic with your future self.

Maybe you don’t have the inner drive to thrive in life, you’re coping rather than thriving and that’s not okay. 

The more you train your body, meditate, and develop inner growth the more this want to thrive will be apparent. You just need to give it time. 

Your desire to live more and experience more will grow and as this desire grows the more crucial it becomes for one to make sure their health can supplement and develop in sync with this expansion of consciousness. 

Align your values, morals and visions in life with a healthy lifestyle to supplement your overall self-improvement.

Make A Plan


Here’s the practical way to make use of psychology to benefit your health. 

Write down at least 3 reasons for wanting to improve your health.

It’s easy to think of reasons, but when you physically write them down this is when you are practically and more rationally able to depict which reasons are true and feasible. Trust me, writing stuff down is key.

A journal is great for this.

Take Away Message


Your health is the foundation of your improvement in your life.

Decide on a reason for pursuing health and longevity and use it to your advantage to supplement your purpose. 

You want to strengthen your reasoning for improving your health as much as possible.

Creating this provides you with a backbone to fall back on when you feel your inner resistance urging you to give up and get comfortable. 

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